These rules are to be followed, we have a 0 tolerance policy and we will handle you accordingly.

#1. No scamming, whether you are an admin or a user, scamming is not allowed.
#2. Do not for any circumstance resell accounts or allow other users to use your build, doing so will result in a perm ban.
#3. Spamming anyone that is a cheat user, or higher up, will result in a mute for x amount of time.
#4. Recurring rule breaking will result in a ban no matter the rule.
#5. Do not spam topics or replies with nonsensical things or you will be muted for x amount of time.
#6. Talking about cheating in the discord will result in a ban from the discord and a ban from the forums.
#7. Admin diss is not allowed and can result in a 30 minute ban to a perm ban.